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Each leg is typically within a range of 3-13 bars/candles on any given timeframe, although patterns may be much larger than 13 periods on a given timeframe. Traders may interpret this as a sign to move to a larger timeframe in which the pattern does fit within this range to check for trend/Fibonacci convergence. Providing you with the most comprehensive charting tools and a reliable platform with fast execution. If you use the Fibonacci retracement tool on leg AB, the retracement BC should reach until the 0.618 level.


The trade is immediately exited once an ABC failure occurs. Here is the analysis concerning DXY for the following week. It looks like we’ve past the previous week trying to get in the rebound for what could be a continuation of the movement upward of the dollar, the C point. Last week the market was consolidating after the big push of the dollar two weeks ago. The retracement, C, should be between 38.2% to 61.8% of the AB move.

By the time the whole three-drive pattern is complete, that’s when you can pull the trigger on your long or short trade. As you can see from the charts above, point A should be the 61.8% retracement of drive 1. Similarly, point B should be the 0.618 retracement of drive 2.

Then, once the C to D portion of the move is complete, it often signals a bearish reversal. From A-B and C-D bulls are pushing the stock higher and higher with aggressive demand. It is also why the consolidation in C produces a higher low. The abcd pattern in trading is an intraday chart pattern that reflects the natural movement of the market. It consists of an initial leg up or leg down followed by a short consolidation and then another leg up or down in the direction of the original move.

It should be tested on a demo account before being used in real trading. The swing legs in ABC pattern are generally in symmetrical proportions both in price and time with consistent slopes. The tradable CD leg has a harmonic relation with symmetry for AB and BC swings.

harmonic price patterns

A closer look at the business and financial position of The NFT Gaming Company Inc. Before using them, you should test them to see how well they find and draw patterns. For example, this tool can be found on Gold Chart by TradingViewThe above pattern started with a symmetrical triangle and ended at point D with a long-legged doji. The first leg starts from the bottom of a downtrend and then rises but does not reach or exceed the beginning of the downtrend .

Depending on which strategy for the ABCD pattern that you employ, you’ll want to watch it closely. If you decide to buy the pullback for a scalp to D, then you’ll need to be aware of your moving averages and support. Or, if you decide to trade the classic pattern by shorting at D, you’ll still need to monitor the stock.

A visual, geometric price/time pattern comprised of 3 consecutive price swings, or trends—it looks like a lightning bolt on price chart. A leading indicator that helps determine where & when to enter and exit a trade. It looks like a diagonal lightning bolt on the price chart. The last point, D, is formed in the model, which is a potential reversal zone.

How to Trade With the ABCD Pattern

Another benefit of using the ABCD pattern is that it can help you enter trades with a higher probability of success. This is because the pattern can help you identify key turning points in the market. These are times when there is a high likelihood of the market moving in your favor. The first thing to note is that the pattern is created by human beings who are constantly buying and selling in the market.

The pattern’s appearance is similar to a lightning bolt or sloped zig-zag . Now at point C, some new traders will enter and bring the price to the new highs of the day . But ABCD pattern trading is one of the most trusted indicators for decision-making because it’s the product of market fundamentals in action. Once sellers are overpowered by buyers, the pattern establishes an intraday low as the price falls. At this point, you should not enter the trade since you aren’t sure where the dip of the pullback is going to be.

ABCD Trading Pattern, Version One – Bearish Market Reversal

The final benefit of using the ABCD pattern is that it can help you exit trades with a higher profit potential. This is because the pattern can help you identify key levels where the market is likely to reverse. By knowing these levels, you can exit your trade before the market turns against you. When it comes to trading, one of the most important things that you need to be able to do is identify potential reversals in the market.

  • A harmonic pattern has been formed on the H1 chart of the AUD/USD currency pair.
  • The price then moves further to create a critical swing level B, which is at a higher level than A.
  • It is one of the most recognizable patterns and can lead to nice gains if traded properly.
  • Learn about crypto in a fun and easy-to-understand format.

This means that there is a lot of emotion involved in the creation of the pattern. The second thing to note is that this pattern often occurs at key turning points in the market. These are times when buyers and sellers are both looking to enter or exit their positions.

Examples of ABCD Patterns

You should also avoid trading during the pullback because you don’t know the bottom of this pullback. You should do what everyone is doing since a trend is your buddy. As for Stop Loss, there are no special recommendations. You can put a Stop Loss in line with your risk management rules. If the price moved to TP1 fast, the odds are that it will continue towards TP2. On the contrary, if the price is slow to get to TP1, this might mean that it will be the only TP level you’ll get.

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In this article, we will take a closer look at what the pattern is, how to identify it and what are the benefits of using it. Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Forex and CFDs are highly leveraged products, which means both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade in these products if you fully understand the risks involved and can afford to incur losses that will not adversely affect your lifestyle.

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FAQs on ABCD pattern

Its appearance is considered a signal to open buy or sell positions. Markets demonstrate repetitive patterns where prices oscillate between one set of price ratios and another making price projections possible. Market trends can be defined by geometric relationships as they exhibit harmonic relationships between the price and time swings. Many investors/traders use cycles and harmonic relationships to project future swing price/times. These harmonic price movements produce symmetric rallies and declines to give traders an advantage to determine the key turning points. Symmetry is visible in all markets and in all time frames.

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Confusing the ABCD with other harmonic patterns, like the Gartley or three-drive pattern. Given that trading the ABCDs usually relies on setting orders at predicted reversal points, consider looking for extra confirmation to filter potential losing trades. Below, you’ll find three factors of confluence you can use to confirm your entries. Traders use ABCD patterns to make an informed decision about potential turning points in the market. Since each pattern has both bearish and bullish versions, they help identify opportunities to buy and sell. Bullish patterns help identify more significant opportunities to buy, and bearish patterns help identify higher selling opportunities.

Each ABCD trading pattern is available in both bullish and bearish forms. When the market is trending lower & making lower highs, the ascending ABCD formation is considered a bearish flag pattern. The ascending ABCD indicator signals that you should sell high and buy back at a lower price, or use a options strategy.

When sellers are outweighed by buyers, the price slide comes to an end, and the pattern develops an intraday low C leg. As the price begins to increase again from point C, the final leg is created. When equities achieve a new all-time high point D, look for resistance to explore a possible short position. Even while 1.27 and 1.618 are the most prevalent Fibonacci extension levels for an AB CD chart pattern, keep in mind that each one represents a different projected reversal area. However, if the market breaches 1.27 and subsequently 1.618, a Fibonacci level 261.8 for the point D reversal will be reached. Each of the four points represent a significant high or low in terms of price on the chart.

75% of retail client accounts lose money when trading CFDs, with this investment provider. You should consider whether you understand how this product works, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. The trend indicator was used in conjunction with the flag pattern indicator to aid in technical analysis. When I started employing this strategy, my trades became exponentially more successful.

Corrective 2 and 4 occur in between the impulse waves. Trends in stock price activity are formed by impulse and corrective waves. In the direction of the trend, ABCD pullbacks occur in between impulse waves. A reward-to-risk ratio of two to one is ideal, but more is preferable. This varies based on the time frame and the amount of money you’re ready to risk for each setup.

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